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Special Issues

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Below is a list of the publishing opportunities that are under way.

Developing flexible health services systems and alternative care pathways in a post-pandemic World

We are thrilled to announce the call for papers for the special issue, “Developing Flexible Health Services Systems and Alternative Care Pathways in a Post-Pandemic World.”. Our aim is to create a forum to facilitate discussion on reshaping healthcare systems to be more resilient, equitable, and responsive to the evolving global landscape.

This special issue is a collaboration between the Canadian Operational Research Society’s annual conference (CORS 2024) in London, ON, Canada, and the Operations Research for Applied Health Sciences conference (ORAHS 2024) in Turin, Italy. We welcome submissions that push the boundaries of healthcare operational research, offering fresh solutions and perspectives on developing flexible health services and alternative care pathways. We invite you to join us in redefining healthcare for a post-pandemic world.

Link: https://www.callforpapers.co.uk/infor-health-services